Virtual Reality

The new digital economy is driving large companies to revise their production and business processes in order to enable technology breakthrough.

As part of digital transformation strategy, we help our customers optimize business processes by implementing custom-tailored AR/VR solutions.

We also establish in-house competence centers to manage digital products and accumulate expertise in developing and implementing AR/VR solutions.
CROC acts as a technological partner and AR/VR solution aggregator, providing a full range of digital infrastructure project services.

  • Development of methodologies to establish competence centers, and consulting
  • Personnel training
  • Infrastructure implementation
  • Technical support
    We specialize in solving ad-hoc tasks in areas such as marketing and sales, personnel management and training, technological process management and facility operation, labor protection, and occupational safety.


    • Virtual mock-ups to demonstrate products and services, AR/VR showrooms, and interactive solutions for exhibitions
    • Interactive trainings and instructions, as well as emergency simulators
    • Remote AR-aided facility operation using Remote Assistant, CROC's unique proprietary software
    • Enterprise digital models for strategic planning
    Why our AR/VR services?
    5 years in the market
    15 CROC experts
    Partnership with major equipment vendors and key industry players
    Fast go-live: from few weeks to three months (in case of sophisticated content development)
    30 projects for large organizations
    Demo center to showcase new technologies
    Skilled technical support